Canaynayan Village

Canaynayan, Zambales, Philippines

Canaynayan Drinking Water Project

Aeta Clean Drinking Water #15

Pastor Lenie Lahut's Aeta village in Canaynayan, Zambales over the past few years had a water supply that came from a water spring and was close to being depleted this year. She requested a water pump so that the village will have clean drinking water from a new source. Through your continued generous giving,they now have a new source for water and a well for drinking water.

Old water supply came from a spring that got depleted. Old water supply came from a spring that got depleted.
New water pump installed for the Village of Canaynayan

The soil at the village was very hard and the local driller had a hard time digging. There were large rocks and the driller needed to hire an excavator tractor to dig until a water source was reached.

After finding the source of the water, they started to build the foundation of the water pump.

The community now has a new source of drinking water. They were very thankful to SOCI & Praise Church for having a new water pump.

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