On-Going and Future Water Projects

Suli Village Water Project

Sitio Suli, Sta. Fe, Zambales

Aeta Clean Drinking Water #17

Pastor Carlos Melecia is located in Suli, Sta. Fe, Zambales. His village needs clean drinking water and has requested a water pump near his church, since the drinking water source is too far from their village. There are no roads and they travel by foot just to get water.

This is the Suli Village's water source on top of the mountain

They do have a natural water source but it was a spring water and having a water pump near the village will be a big help for the community.

A water pump will be drilled on the right side of the church

Pastor Carlos requested a water tank, water pump and 400-meter hose so they can bring the source on the side of the church. Today, they were able to purchase a 500-liter stainless water tank, a big water pump and a 400-meter water hose to fill the tank with water from the source. They are currently constructing the concrete flooring where they will put the tank and the water pump.

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