Daily Walk Chapel

San Pedro, Iba, San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines

The Koreans built a new Methodist church in the village of San Pedro recently; thus, community members have 2 options for church service. Although, there are a handful of members still attending Daily Walk Church, there will not be a need to do to the extension; however, Pastor Alejandro thanks the Daily Walk group from Bear Valley Church for the donation made through SOCI for the extension.

Pastor Alejandro's priority over the last 2 years has been to fund his daughter's college education. He works during the week to gain employment to fund his daughter's college. She will graduate with a degree in Education in another year and plans to give back to the Aeta community, to serve as teacher and mentor young Aeta students.

Bear Valley Church and Praise Church mission team arrived at the Daily Walk Church to dedicate a parsonage for Pastor Alejandro Dela Cruz. The parsonage was a large size facility, as Pastor Alejandro has visions of having the youth group meet at the main room entrance as you enter the parsonage and then, a large kitchen towards the back. Pastor Alejandro purchased all supplies with funds received and built it himself with his own hands.

Water Drill was relocated from Tisdale Chapel unto this location for the 2nd water pump site installation. The Daily Walk Church is on the right side, while the parsonage facility is on the left wide and water pump site will be in between.

The water pump installed back in 2017 by the mission team and has not been operable. Recently, Pastor Alejandro's wife sold her property and a portion of the proceeds in the amount of 30,000 Pesos ($600) was contributed to the water pump to save face for the 2017 drill team. This was installed next to where the old water pump was at.

Since 4x4s were not possible, materials were transported via "kolong-kolong (side cars for motorcycles) in the mountains." For Nati & Jelo (coordinators) to visit the community, they had to walk thru the river. Additional costs resulted in transporting materials in December 2019.

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