Duane's Chapel

Iram, San Rafael, New Cabalan, Olongapo City, Zambales, Philippines

I visited the chapel on July 19, 2021 with SOCPhil Chairman - Pastor Carlos "Caloy" dela Cruz and President - Pastor Ronaldo Tengco along with mommy Zenaida and Pastor Nati, Jelo, Cecil and the rest of the frontline local mission team. This large area was once a huge garbage dump and was later covered with soil or sand. This area then became a new community of a large group of Aeta people. As I was walking up and down to get to the chapel, I noticed that my feet were stepping on the ground over large black garbage bags. It had just rained and thus, was wet and slippery. I spoke to the community and told them how much Jesus loved them, as they now have a chapel on top of a real mountain side, which was one time a dumping site. Water was difficult to drill; thus, a large water tank was installed to provide drinking water to the village where there are over 1000 households. We gave the chapel 2 solar lights, as well.

I noticed windows and side coverings. Although, church members doubled since the first service on Easter Sunday, the open side walls allowed other members to gather on a Sunday morning service. They are needing to expand to accommodate more members.

Aeta Clean Drinking Water #12

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