Ida's Chapel

Brgy. Cabatuan, Botolan, Zambales, Philippines

The furthest Aeta village, in an extreme remote area, is where Ida's Chapel would be dedicated. It took a 1-hour jeepney ride from Castillejos, Zambales; then, a weapon's carrier (truck from World War II) for 2.5 hours on very rough volcano ash desert, then a large river and up a rocky terrain in the mountain onto Pastor Bella's village. Pastor Bella relocated in this remote area away from the Methodist district and started her own village after she was falsely accused, apprehended and imprisoned in 2008.

Pastor Torben Jensen dedicated the chapel, dedicated 109 new Christians and 100 relief packages were distributed to the community.

While on our way to Ida's Chapel, the weapon's carrier broke down in the middle of volcano ash desert.

Ida's Chapel Parsonage Project

Pastor Bella is assigned to Ida's Chapel located in a very remote Aeta village in Mt. Pinatubo called Brgy. Cabatuan, Botolan, Zambales, Philippines. It is extremely difficult to travel through terrains of mountain volcanic ash, rivers and large rocks before you can reach the village.

Going to Brgy. Cabatuan from Botolan, Zambales Parsonage location and Pastor Bella, the recipient of the Parsonage

On December 6, 2019, half of the parsonage funds were given to Pastor Bella to start construction of the parsonage next to Ida's Chapel.

Pastor Bella, her husband and other church members were able to build half of the parsonage in 2 weeks.

On December 21, 2019, another allocation of funds was given to her and on January 10, 2020, the remainder of the funds was given to her to complete the parsonage.

The finished parsonage of Pastor Bella has one room and a comfort room. We thank Bear Valley Church, and SOCI for providing the financial support for Ida's chapel to have a Pastor's parsonage in her community.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, a 12-member mission team from Bear Valley Church and Praise Church, Colorado dedicated the parsonage.

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