Maamot Village

Sitio Maamot, San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines

In the midst of another COVID-19 strict lockdown in August due to the delta variant in the Mt. Pinatubo region, our SOCI Support Team (led by Jelo de Guzman) was able to coordinate with the local driller company to continue and complete 2 more wells and provide clean drinking water at 2 Aeta villages in the month of August 2021.

Maamot Water Project

Aeta Clean Drinking Water Project #14

The village of Maamot is located in the western part of San Jose, Tarlac. The Aeta village was recently relocated to a new location and they needed clean drinking water. Pastor Pheobe requested a water pump in May 2021 and funds were given in July 2021. During the 1st part of August however; the Philippines went into another strict lockdown due to the COVID Delta variant. Shortly thereafter, the water pump was completed. The village now has clean drinking water for the community

Old Maamot water pump Old Maamot water pump

Maamot Church recently requested a water pump at their new relocated Aeta village site. It was completed in August 2021; however, a few weeks later, the water pressure diminished due to the depth of the water source. The local driller suggested that they needed to upgrade the water pump itself. In this way, the larger pump can pull the water up from the source.

New water pump installed New water pump installed
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