Papa Tom Chapel

Baag, San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines

The children ministry sang songs of worship to welcome guests and the owner who donated the land (photo below lady in pink) express her gratitude for the church.

Pastor Tengco gave 2 solar lights for the chapel to use when it's dark, as there is no electricity in the village.

Pastor Tengco spoke to the congregation and Pastor Caloy gave a powerful message on “light” in the village.

Pastor Val Lundang welcomed guests and was extremely thankful for the chapel. He had been praying for over 5 years and thanks the Servants of Christ International (SOCI) & SOCPhilippines for their partnering in making this a dream come true for their village. Pastor Angie Lundang, director of the children’s ministry and wife of pastor Val, prayed for the local mission team.

I noticed a water was drilled and was advised that they dug 180 meters (I am thinking feet) to provide clean drinking water to this village of 100+ households.

As always, gifts were shipped (via cargo) to the village prior to our arrival and relief packages, gifts and other items (coffee, sugar, salt, noodles, spam, sardines) that are rare to the Aetas were distributed.

Papa Tom Parsonage Project

Papa Tom Chapel is located in the highest mountain point in the village of Baag, San Jose, Tarlac. Due to severe weather (typhoon), wood resources & deliveries, the construction was delayed.

Parsonage is going to be built at the right side of the chapel, and the Water pump on the left.

Last November, construction to build the Papa Tom Parsonage has started, which will provide housing for the Aeta pastor and often, pastors will use the housing as a multi-purpose room for the children ministry. Frontline team, led by Servants of Christ Philippines, Jelo, Pastor Nati, Pastor Ronald and Pastor Laila Gray are procuring materials to build the project.

Here are the photos of the materials and construction of the parsonage.

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