Villar Village

Vilar, San Narciso, Zambales, Philippines

Bunga Water Project

Aeta Clean Drinking Water Project #16

Pastor Andy Soria is located in the village of Villar, San Isidro, Brgy. San Pablo, Zambales. The village is in desparate need of drinking water. They requested a water pump next to his church where they can get clean drinking water.

The old water source has been depleted and was quite a commute.

Location of the water pump will be next to the church

Through Servants of Christ International, their request was funded by Praise Church of Littleton, Colorado. In December 2021, the water drilling project started.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks of drilling up to 120 feet, the driller did not reach any water in the area.

Therefore, they decided to drill in another location of the chapel property to see if they can get water from there. The 2nd drilling transpired in January 2022, and unfortunately, after 100 feet, the driller did not reach any water again.

After the 2 unsuccessful attempts, they decided to speak with a lot owner (near the chapel property) to ask if they could drill and connect pipes to the water source. The owner allowed them to drill, connect pipes and now, the community has clean drinking water. This required additional costs to purchase electric pump, water tank and pipes.

Materials used to connect pipes from the water source
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