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Welcome to the Friends of the Aeta people at Mount Pinatubo, Tarlac & Zambales, in the Philippines. The Aeta people are indigenous people who live in the isolated mountainous region and are considered to be Negritos, who are dark to very dark brown-skinned and tend to have features such as small statured with curly to kinky afro-like textured hair, small nose and dark brown eyes. The Aeta were included with the natives of the Malay Peninsula or sometimes, grouped with the natives of Australia and Papuans. However, they remain the forgotten people of the Philippines.

We are thrilled to establish a website to allow you to make donations to support the Aeta tribal villages with their critical needs: Water, Electricity, Health, Church Buildings, Transportation/Carabaos and other support to improve Livelihood.

The goal is to provide support and send hope to the Aeta people through your generous giving.

Danzena de Guzman

Danzena C. de Guzman

Friends of the Aetas Project is currently supporting 65 Aeta Villages around Mt. Pinatubo in Tarlac and Zambales in the Philippines


Water wells, pumps, and tanks were built to provide our Aeta friends with clean water to drink and for daily needs. 1


Chapels were built with the support of the donors through the project. 2

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** Population Size Chart: Small = 50 and below; Medium = 51 to 100; Large = 101 and above

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1. The estimated cost for a drinking water at an Aeta village is $1350.

2. The estimated cost for a chapel is $6K. You can also dedicate to someone, as you wish, in someone's memorial.

3. The number that appears in each village name corresponds to the order of the Villages in the Aeta Clean Drinking Water Project list.